My Itinerary

Welcome to “MY ITINERARY”. Southern Africa has wide variety of places to visit and choices of safari styles. You have the opportunity to put together your own itinerary for your travels in Southern Africa.

“MY ITINERARY” is very helpful and easy to use
  • Choose a country and navigate to Accommodations.
  • Add the accommodation of your choice and select the number of nights to stay.
  • Go back to Accommodations to add more, or continue to “MY ITINERARY” to complete or manage your added accommodations.
  • Fill out a few details and send us the request, we will be in contact with you soonest.

Should the distances between Accommodation of your choices be too far to travel in one day, we will gladly advise and assist to find the right establishment and work out your dream holiday in Africa.

We plan to extend the “MY ITINERARY” system with more functionality, so that you do not have to send a separate request for your vehicle rental.

Getting started
Browse through Accommodations in the follwoing countries and add them to your itinerary.
South Africa
Tanzania & Zanzibar