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Agama River Lodge & Camp
Location: Sossusvlei & Sesriem - Büllsport - Namib Naukluft Park - Naukluft Mountains - Solitaire
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The name "Agama" is derived from the colourful family of lizards that frequent the drier and open savannah regions of Africa, this was also the first creature to make itself visible when we entered the old farm gate, it seemed fitting to indulge this inquisitive reptile in the name sake. Agama River Lodge & Camp offer river camp chalets and our campsite is built under shaded Acacia trees. We are situated on the C19, 30 kms south of Solitaire and 50 kms north of Sesriem, approximately forty five minutes from the main gate way to Sossusvlei.
The chalets are situated on the upper banks of the 'Dieprivier' river course, each chalet is thirty two square metres, and twenty five metres adrift. Each chalet has A/C, two modern three quarter beds, side tables with lamps, an open cupboard, a long wall mounted table which can be used to put a suitcase on or apply make-up from. a strong desk fan for air circulation, a portable lamp for emergencies, two extra blankets for the cold nights.Two chairs are also provided inside the room and two for the veranda. The bathroom has a large spacious shower with hand basin and mirror. The toilet is a separate facility separated by a solid door. Each Chalet has a solid deck for the option of sleeping under the sky or simply for an elavated view. Available also to all Agama occupants is our friendly restaurant with great food and a cosy bar, as well as a sunset viewing deck and swimming pool.

Attractions o The Olive Trail (10km) takes you to the top of the plateau and offers spectacular views of black eagle nests on vertical red cliffs. o The Waterkloof Trail (17 km) reveals miraculously cold mountain streams and crystal clear pools - all in apparently waterless terrain. o There are more ambitious 4-8 day hikes (up to 120 km), with camping overnight, for groups of 3-12 people. Note that these involve strict regulations and controls, to maximise your safety in the wilderness. The 8-day hike is considered the toughest in Southern Africa. 4x4 Drivers and Nature Enthusiasts can take the challenging 24 hour 4x4 Nature Trail (73 km), with overnight camping in outstanding landscapes. This exclusive trail has limited access, so reservations must be made in advance (in Windhoek). Sossusvlei is the site of Namibia's highest sand dune. The stunning red dunes stretching to the horizon are an iconic image of Namibia, not to be missed. While there, don't forget to visit Deadvlei, a white clay pan between the enormous red dunes, where dead trees, up to 900 years old, starkly and stubbornly reach towards the vivid blue sky - a truly remarkable natural sculpture. Don't forget your camera! Driving time is approximately 40 minutes. An early start is essential Area Information Around Agama River Camp itself Guests may take self-guided walks into the foothills of the mountains. The Naukluft Mountains are one of the most beautiful parts of Namibia and self-guided hiking trails of varying difficulty begin from Naukluft itself.

Camp Site
The camp sites are scattered along the lower 'Dieprivier' river course, each campsite is built under large acacia trees and surrounded partially by a wooden pole barrier acting as a wind shield and offering some privacy, they are terraced and leveled with clean river sand. Each site contains; a free standing tap, wash up facility, a braai area with grid, a twelve volt energy saving light (that can be attached to your car battery) and is easy walking distance to your shared ablution facility. Ablutions Our communal ablution facility is like no other with open skies and large roomy, individually decorated chambers, hot water is provided by wood boilers every afternoon at around five o'clock. The ablutions are spacious, clean and imaginatively designed, each gender facility has six showers, six wash basins, three toilets, four mirrors and one bath, they are only partially covered to offer open sky views.The lighting is on throughout the night.

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