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Urikaruus Wilderness Camp - Selfcatering
Location: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
Child friendly accommodation
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Situated 72 km (two hours) drive away from Twee Rivieren on the road to Mata Mata between the veil of old camelthorn trees, overlooks the Auob River. Hidden away within the echoing recesses of the vast Kgalagadi National Park and its host of various creatures and flora, overlooking the Auob River is the rustic Urikaruus wilderness camp. This stilted camp site remains unfenced (a guard is on duty all day) and completely open to the gorgeous environment in which it finds itself. Water and wood Urikaruus Wilderness Camp - Guests have to provide their own drinking water and firewood. Shop The closest shop and fuel supply is at Twee Rivieren, where guests who have booked Urikaruus also check in. The camp is unfenced, and there is a tourism assistant on duty. Traveling distances within the park Twee Rivieren - Urikaruus: 1½ - 2½ hrs Twee Rivieren – Nossob: 4 hrs Twee Rivieren – Grootkolk: 6½ hrs Twee Rivieren – Kieliekrankie: 1 hr Twee Rivieren – Mata-Mata: 3 hrs Twee Rivieren – Kalahari Tent Camp: 3 hrs Twee Rivieren – Urikaruus : 1½ hours Nossob – Union’s End: 3 hrs Nossob – Grootkolk: 2½ hrs Nossob – Urikaruus: 3 hrs Nossob – Kalahari Tented Camp: 4½ hrs Nossob – Mata-Mata (over Kamqua dune road): 3½ hrs Nossob – Kieliekrankie 3½ hrs Nossob – Bitterpan: 2½ hrs Bitterpan – Mata-Mata: 2 hrs Mata-Mata – Kalahari Tent Camp: 4 km Mata-Mata – Urikaruus: 1½ hrs Mata-Mata – Kieliekrankie 2½ hrs We recommend, that you book at least 10 months to one year in advance with us to travel the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park! Accommodation in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is subject to availability You are not allowed to collect firewood in the Park. The trees of the Kalahari are slow-growing, producing a very hard wood. When a tree or even a branch falls and dies, it becomes a new home for a wide variety of seedlings, rodents, reptiles and insects. Removing the dead wood would be robbing these organisms of the little protection they have from the natural elements. As a tree grows it draws nutrients and minerals out of the soil. When the branches die and decompose they are returned to the soil as the very nutrients and minerals that are necessary to supply the tree again. For this reason plants are able to survive well without the need of artificial fertilisers as long as this cycle is not interrupted. Feeding of animals No wild animals must be fed at any time. In camps, beware of animals such as jackals who, if allowed, will even scavenge food from your fireplace. Speed Please adhere to the speed limits of 50km/h in the Park and 20km/h in the rest camps. Speeding on dirt roads is detrimental to the environment. Animals often stand motionless next to the road and are not easily seen when driving at high speed. Numerous animals are run over by fast-moving vehicles. By travelling slowly, you also produce less dust. Further, the roads are narrow with sharp turns and are dangerous when travelling at high speed. Off-road driving For the benefit of organisms living in the dunes and riverbeds, and for your own good, please stay on the roads. Off-road driving has a marked impact on the sensitive ecosystem, not only biologically, but also from an aesthetic point of view. The tracks made in the riverbeds and in the dunes are unsightly and take a very long time to disappear.
Riverside Cabin (RC2) • 1 bedroom with 2 single beds • Barbeque facilities on deck • Check in at Twee Rivieren or Mata Mata • Equipped kitchen • Gas fridge / freezer • No additional persons allowed • No children under 12 allowed • No smoking • Provide own drinking water and firewood • Solar power for lights, gas for hot water • Unfenced, built on stilts, tourism assist. on duty • WC and shower Honeymoon Riverside Cabin (HMRC2) • 1 double bed • Barbeque facilities on deck • Ceiling fan • Check in at Twee Rivieren or Mata Mata • En-suite bathroom with shower • Equipped kitchen • Fridge/ Freezer • No additional persons allowed • No children under 12 allowed • No smoking • Provide own drinking water and firewood • River view • Solar power for lights, gas for hot water • Two plate gas stove • Unfenced, built on stilts, tourism assistant on duty • Veranda

Just as its warm red sand creeps between your toes, the Kalahari will take hold of your heart and draw you back time and again. This is a place to relax, find respite and rejuvenate your soul. Don’t rush your trip here – if you can, allow 5 nights in the park so that you receive the maximum benefit that this kind of nature experience offers.

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